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Monday, 30 May 2016

Illustration of Alice in wonderland using real life species. Soon to be published (draft cover) 
How did I get inspired to draw Alice adventures....

Inspirational travels in wilderness for a new book 


Exhibition for Alice in Wonderland, May 2016

Book presentation - The Arctic

Expedition to the Arctic, departing from Alaska... (also available in English at Amazon.com)

Monday, 15 September 2014

My next book is almost ready....

Expedition to the American jungles (2014)...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

About the author

Luisa Ferreira Nunes, was born in Lisbon, Portugal and  studied forest ecology having a PhD in insect ecology.
 The passion for drawing and privacy of the notes of an observer of nature led to the idea that presents itself in the form of a diary with sketches were made in a simple manner and without a claim for too much detail.
 The shapes, the colours and impressions captured from observations made during field work can inspire one’s interest for naturalism. This inspiration may be motivated by everyday life observations of what surrounds us.
 The fifth edition of the Nature Journal (2013) celebrates Africa through Southern multicolour flora, the tropical forests, savannahs and deserts.
 As usual, some Nature Journal friends collaborated on this project, they are Pedro Vaz Pinto a conservationist who works hard to recover Sable Antelope populations in  Angola and Will Lawson from South Africa who presents sustainable solutions inspired by the African species and habitats.

Contact: nunani@gmail.com

Monday, 31 December 2012

Nature Diaries by Luisa Nunes

Nature Diary 2014 is dedicated to the Iberian Lynx the most threatened feline in the world. The note book presents hand written field notes and 68 illustrations about the species and its habitat. Available in book shops and Amazon.com, UK, IT, ES, FR.

Nature Diary Africa is a travel into the African wilderness, written and illustrated by Luisa Ferreira Nunes, a forest ecologist, professor of entomology and conservation. This publication displays about 58 guache and watercolor pencils illustrations of African flora and fauna, taking the reader through the several ecoregions of the continent, from deserts, to savannas and rainforests. Other scientists were invited to collaborate and write about biomimicry, giant sable antelope conservation and other projects related to rare species protection.
Thanking the collaboration of Claire Janish (preface), Will Lawson, Pedro Vaz Pinto and Oporto research group CIBIO.
 140 pages, printed on recycled paper, hard cover
Journal de Nature de l'Afrique est un voyage dans L'Afrique sauvage, écrit et illustré par Luisa Ferreira Nunes, écologiste forestier, professeur d'enthomologie et de préservation des espèces. Cet ouvrage présente 58 gouaches et aquarelles, illustrations de la flore et de la faune africaine. Il fait voyager le lecteur à travers les écosystèmes de plusieurs régions du continent africain : les déserts, les savanes et les forêts tropicales.

D'autres scientifiques ont été invités à collaborer et à écrire sur le biomimétisme, la conservation de l'antilope sable géant et d'autres projets liés à la protection des espèces rares.Caractéristiques du livre : broché, couverture rigide, 140 pages imprimées sur papier recyclé.

English version is available at Amazom.com, UK, IT, FR, ES and in German Amazon site.
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